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Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader

Eds. Michael Hames-García & Ernesto Javier Martínez

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Duke University Press

ISBN-13: 978-0822349556
2011 |  Edited Volume

“Gay Latino Studies is a startlingly original collection of essays on the culture and social worlds of gay Latinos. Using a wonderful format that pairs essays with response pieces, the book as a whole reads like a sparkling conversation full of wit, insight, cultural relevance, and political critique. Covering topics from gay shame and shamelessness, to dance and sexual identity, to the impact of HIV on gay Latino communities, Gay Latino Studies will quickly find its way onto bookshelves and into classrooms around the world.”— Jack Halberstam, Columbia University

“This collection will be an indispensable reference for any scholar working in queer or Latina/o studies. With its broad disciplinary and theoretical scope, it effectively establishes the field of gay Latino studies. It will shape the questions posed in this realm of study for some time to come.”— Ramón Saldívar, Stanford University

"I’ve been waiting for a book like this – as personal and intellectually stimulating as this one – for over a decade. A book that uses, and yet does not take for granted, the very categories that inspire its existence. This inspiring compilation of chapters (some of which have been published in the previous decade) followed by recent critiques effectively offers a critical studies reader that moves between the categories, gay and queer, in complex ways. This, for some of us, is inevitably our bible."— Salvador Vidal-Ortíz, American University

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